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  • Receive unlimited consultations with an attorney until you beat the bar exam.

  • Proven techniques enable you to recall even the most obscure bar exam facts.

  • Each study tool is a 17 X 11 color coded tri-fold design. speeding your search for critical information.

  • Designed to be placed in front of you to assist you in answering each question one at a time.

  • Easy to follow and proceed through a logical progression of thought.

  • Changes your approach to studying for the bar exam, no more learning by trial and error.

  • Allows more time to study the essay portion of the bar exam and improves your score on crossover topics.

  • Provides room for study notes so that each bar exam study tool may be adapted and personalized

Happy Face.jpg (1905 bytes)Our study tools were designed to be easy to use and contain only relevant rules of law. We did not try to provide the rule of law for every possible obscure question one might find on the bar exam. We wanted to address only those that had a high probability of being tested on.  We provide six study tools, one for each multi-state topic. Each tool is formatted to help quickly identify the relevant law and key words for each choice per question.



Our strategy is remarkably simple. Experts have determined the most efficient method of study is to inspect and answer one question at a time. We show you how to convert each choice per question into it's relevant rule of law. This process allows you to compare and understand four rules of law per question rather than one

Unlimited Consultation

The true value of this consultation alone is worth many times the price of our program.  Our consultants have all used BeatTheBar to pass their states bar exam. Having experienced the same emotions and decisions you have, they are uniquely qualified to answer any and all of your questions This feature address's the procedural aspect of getting to the correct answer. If you are unable to determine the proper procedure, you may phone or email a consultation request. A consultant will call you back within 48 hours to assist you.

Additional Benefits To Consider

  • Less Stress Due to repeated, low stress review of our study tools, you develop an amazing ability to visualize the correct answer in your minds eye.

  • Time Management The use of these study tools will allow you more time to study your state's essay exam. Using our Study Tools will end a lot of frustrating, unsuccessful attempts when answering multi-state bar exam questions. Therefore, less unplanned time and effort is used trying to improve your score.

  • Personalized Study Room is provided for your study notes and each tool may be adapted and personalized. You will find this particularly useful if your state's bar exam essay tests on multi-state topics.

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